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The goal? To develop a community, a safe haven, for everyday women like yourself who are the “Breadwinners” or higher earners of their marriage or relationship. With one click, you can discover a place where YOU belong! While the rewards are great, the responsibilities and frustrations of Female Breadwinners can feel daunting.  There are times when we feel overwhelmed. Rest assured that you are NOT alone. You are welcomed. You are worthy. Your accomplishments will be celebrated HERE in our community. You are among friends!

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The Book: She Makes More – Inside The Minds Of Female Breadwinners

SheMakesMore_BookCover250“Female Breadwinner” describes the newest breed of American wife. Despite her increasing presence in American marriages and relationships, the female breadwinner remains a nameless and faceless figure within the American psyche.  She Makes More-Inside the Minds of Female Breadwinners will properly introduce female breadwinners, exposing never-revealed secrets about how “out-earning” their men makes them think and feel. Among other books on the literary market, She Makes More provides the greatest insight into how men can successfully connect with this amazing category of women.

Available In Paperback and Kindle Format

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